Boardgame Visual Dictionary is a visual resource for boardgame designers, art directors, illustrators, fans and those interested in visual analysis of board game illustration, identifying genre & tropes and writing about the visual aspects of boardgame artwork.

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Boardgame Visual

Read more about the project and add to our collection of articles on visual analysis of boardgame artwork here on Boardgame Visual Dictionary.

We’ll be starting a blog soon, where we’d like to invite writing about the visual aspects of boardgaming – discussing things like genre, representation and visual storytelling. If you’d like to contribute, or have suggestions of an article we should include, please let us know – tweet us

Who set this up?

Boardgame Visual Dictionary has been set up by Rachel Dobbs & Chris Hunt, boardgame fans who were intrigued by the challenge of using BoardGameGeek‘s existing extensive database of published boardgames to create auto-curated Pintrest boards that could be used for visual analysis.

What is this witchcraft?

Boardgame Visual Dictionary uses a script generated by code wizz Chris Hunt which you can find on GitHub to auto-generate new Pintrest boards using BoardGameGeek‘s database of boardgame artwork.